Specialising in all aspects of excavation and reinstatement, Joule Brady also offers a fully experienced team providing a wealth of water mains services which include:-

  • Household Connection
  • Main Laying
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Enabling Works
  • Mains Swabbing
  • PRV Installation
  • OXO Installation

Additionally, Joule Brady offer enabling works for the cleaning of small mains as well as large mains swabbing – from trunk mains to smaller domestic supplies, and always work to best practices minimising the risk of blockages and contamination; whilst following procedures for the safe disposal of discharged water.

Joule Brady has direct access to a supply of all sizes of under pressure tees for fire hydrants, camera points or pressure logging devices, are fully versed in the installation process, as well as being qualified to install deep trench shuttering devices, whilst being competent with its use and application.