over-bandingJoule Brady offer a comprehensive overbanding service using HAPPAS approved materials.

It is always good practice to address a problem at an early stage, and cracks in bituminous materials are certainly no different.

It is extremely important to ensure that any cracks are filled as soon as first evident to avoid further major damage to the surface. Water entry will soon make a small problem into a major one, especially if it freezes and expands.

Overbanding is a hot-applied anti-skid overbanding joint sealant. It should be used for horizontal joints and cracks in concrete and asphaltic road and airfield surfaces where extra protection is required beyond the edges of the joint.

HAPPAS approved materials will exceed the skid resistance value of SRV 55 as required by the New Roads and Street Works Act, the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges and by many County Council highway specifications for anti-skid overbanding and reinstatement works.