Excavation and Reinstatement

Joule Brady has established an unparalleled reputation within the field of excavation and reinstatement for delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship on a wide range of projects for utility, local authority, private and public sector clients.
Such is their proficiency to deal with reinstatement, Joule Brady has been accredited to use specialist products such as:-

  • SMA
  • Master Drive
  • Master Felt
  • Master Tint

Ensuring safety, Joule Brady always, prior to every project, conducts a full risk assessment and method statement prior to works taking place, double checking all safety guidelines, pedestrian safety and traffic control measures are completely in place. Then, and only then will works commence.

To ensure maximum efficiency Joule Brady always has access to a multitude of backfill products, and continually keep a dedicated stock at their depot.

At their disposal, Joule Brady has over 75 specialist vehicles and plant to cope with the most demanding of project, and continue to be able to handle all projects in full compliance of Chapter 8.