Civil Services


Specialising in ground works, Joule Brady is one of the few contractors to offer a full service package, from excavation to full reinstatement; and pride themselves on providing excellent service.

A full service package allows Joule Brady to take a pragmatic approach to all contracts and ensures that, from the outset, all elements are joined concisely to form a seamlessly efficient project.

“If you have control from the beginning, it is a lot easier to manage, in a proactive and efficient manner”. Managing Director, Joule Brady Ltd.

This ethos is core to the operation at Joule Brady. Precise project management is key to reducing costs to customers whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

That’s not to say Joule Brady only provide a full service package, on the contrary, flexibility guarantees that they can assist in any part of a project – whether it be the installation of a PRV, or the surfacing of a trench.

However, many contractors have taken advantage of the full service package approach adopted by Joule Brady. Utilising this professional service means Joule Brady manage the project throughout – from method statement to road markings; increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Joule Brady have a range of specialist equipment that provide for a whole spectrum of works; from pot-holes to re-surfacing repairs, road markings and muck away services to licenced waste tips.